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Boasting a team of seasoned technical engineers with a collective experience exceeding two decades in the realm of manufacturing rotating electric machines, Hai Ha M&S stands at the forefront. Our adept engineers have been instrumental in the meticulous restoration of pivotal engines and generators across Vietnam. Noteworthy projects encompass the restoration of a 3,000kVA generator for an oil and gas rig, the fabrication and repair of 56MW generator wire bins for hydroelectric plants, as well as the adept troubleshooting of 10,000kW engines within cement production lines.

Complementing this expertise, our team of technical workers boasts over a decade of prowess in the electro-mechanical repair profession. Their regular exposure to the reparation of substantial and cutting-edge equipment continually refines their skills and bolsters their experience.

Augmenting our technical teams, our cadre of managers and sales professionals bring forth numerous years of engagement within the domain of electrical equipment production and trading. Their acumen extends to proficiently advising clients and comprehending the intricate technical requisites of each equipment category within factory production lines. From the technological pipelines of cement plants, steel foundries, thermal power establishments, to hydroelectric installations, as well as brick and building material factories, our consultants adeptly navigate and fulfill diverse client needs.


Presently, Hai Ha M&S is outfitted with a comprehensive array of cutting-edge machinery that evolves in tandem with leading-edge technology.
– **Vacuum Dryer**: This specialized equipment, integral to electric motor and generator production technology, plays a pivotal role. Wire sets for stators or rotors, post-fabrication, undergo impregnation within the Vacuum Impregnation furnace. This process occurs in a vacuum environment, enhancing the insulating paint’s permeation into each wire layer. This vacuum impregnation technology consistently elevates the insulation coil quality of electric motors and generators, setting Hai Ha M&S’s craftsmanship above external facilities.
– **Circulation Oven**: After fabrication and insulating paint impregnation, the engine wire set requires precise drying within standard temperature parameters specified by the paint material. Consequently, the wire drying procedure is of paramount importance in safeguarding wire set insulation strength. Addressing the service demands of large-scale electric machines and production volumes, Hai Ha M&S has invested in a voluminous circulation drying system. This substantial recirculating dryer, measuring 3500 x 2500 x 2200 (mm), accommodates motor stators up to 10,000kW. It maintains and regulates temperatures in accordance with equipment specifications.
– **Hardware Winding Bin Winding Machine**: Serving as the initial phase of electric motor or generator wire bin manufacturing.
– **Wire Bin Crimping Machine**: Upon winding wire bins to design dimensions, the wire bins are bent and adjusted to fit the machine’s steel core groove, considering parameters like inclination angle, folding angle, and groove distance. The wire crimping machine employs tailored jigs to restore wire bins to precise design dimensions.
– **Wire Bin Forming Machine**: This tool shapes wire bins into correct design forms and stabilizes them after bending and adjusting.
– **Wire Bin Hot Presses**: For wire bins employing special insulating materials requiring elevated temperatures to ensure insulation stability, hot presses are utilized.
– **Mechanical Processing Machines**: Hai Ha M&S employs an assortment of large lathes for repair and production. A two-post vertical lathe accommodates objects up to 2 meters high and 4 meters in diameter. The horizontal lathe turns objects with diameters up to 1.6 meters and lengths up to 8 meters.
– **Dynamic Balancing Machine**: The company invests in a state-of-the-art dynamic balancing machine capable of balancing rotational objects up to 10 tons and lengths up to 5 meters.
– **Field Balancing Device (Mobile)**: The Smart Balancer Vibration Analyzer measures and analyzes device vibrations, addressing imbalance challenges in hard-to-disassemble or super-heavy equipment.
– **Electrical Measuring Equipment**: High-voltage tester (70/50kV), Resistance measuring bridge, Mega ohm (250-5,000V).
– **Ball Heating Machine**: Designed to heat bearings for seamless mounting. Bearings often require precision fittings, thus heating them to around 120 degrees Celsius aids expansion, facilitating proper placement.
– **Lifting Equipment**: Hai Ha M&S’s repair workshop houses two 15-ton cranes capable of handling construction, disassembly, and maintenance of engines and generators weighing up to 30 tons combined. Additionally, the workshop’s height design of up to 24 meters enables utilization of a 100-ton crane.
– **Control Cabinet Direct Voltage**: Offering step-less control up to 1,000A for DC motors.
**Starting Cabinets for 3-Phase 380V and 10,000V AC Motors**: Featuring 4 starting levels, these cabinets facilitate no-load testing of 3-phase motors post-repair, establishing factory parameters.