Repair Main Engine Speed Control System

Repair Main Engine Speed Control System


In the intricate dance of maritime operation, the heartbeat is the Main Engine (M.E) speed control system. However, as vessels traverse the unpredictable seas, challenges may arise, impacting the efficiency of this critical system. Among the formidable issues faced is the failure of the main engine, specifically stemming from the malfunction of the Drive Gear Unit (DGU) servo drive unit and DGU servo AC supply. The onset of a 3-phase AC supply failure alarm for the ME DGU servo leaves ship personnel unable to mitigate M.E RPM. Compounding the complexity, the engine local control telegraph LED for the Astern side remains dark during the lamp test, thwarting the replacement of the defective LED.


1. Deployment of Onboard Technicians:
Hai Ha M&S orchestrates the deployment of highly skilled technicians to conduct a thorough assessment of the M.E speed control system.

2. Comprehensive Signal Input/Output Check:
– Rigorous examination of all signal inputs and outputs within the M.E speed control system to identify and rectify potential disruptions.

speed control system, main engine
Recheck the entire system, after determining the error from the DGU, with the mainboard broken and unable to be repaired. Disassemble and bring back to the workshop to check the original program

3. DGU Signal Input/Output Check:
– In-depth inspection of signal inputs and outputs in the Drive Gear Unit to pinpoint and address any anomalies.

4. Validation of Computer Program in DSU:
– Verification of the computer program connectivity within the Drive System Unit to ensure seamless integration.

5. DGU Renewal and Program Download:
– Strategic replacement of the DGU, coupled with the download of essential programs, ensuring optimal functionality.

6. Fine-tuning Parameters for DGU Post-Repair:
– Precision adjustment of parameters within the DGU to guarantee precise control and optimal performance after repair.

Speed Control System,main engine
Reinstall the program for the new DGU, fix all errors

7. Engine Local Control Telegraph LED Restoration:
– Condition:
– Identification of a burned-out leg on the circuit board due to oil ingress, causing a short circuit.
– Repair Method:
– Methodical removal of the board on the telegraph front panel.
– Thorough cleaning of oil residue on the circuit board.
– Replacement of burned indicator legs.
– Meticulous soldering and reconnection of broken weld lines.

8. Active Participation in Sea Trials:
– Collaboration with the ship’s crew during sea trials to actively evaluate the effectiveness of the repaired main engine speed control system during complex maneuvers.

Speed Control System,main engine
running test the M/E according to load levels

Hai Ha M&S, a distinguished maritime solutions provider, brings its wealth of expertise to bear on the intricate repair of the M.E speed control system. With an unwavering commitment to precision and reliability, Hai Ha M&S ensures that vessels navigate the seas at peak efficiency, safeguarding both crew and cargo.

Choosing Hai Ha M&S signifies a commitment to a seamless repair process, where technical proficiency and dedication to maritime excellence converge. Trust us to navigate the intricacies of M.E speed control system repair, ensuring your vessel operates at peak efficiency on every maritime journey. Embrace a future of maritime excellence with Hai Ha M&S at the helm.


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