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Repairing/Rewinding Electric Motor In Viet Nam

Rewinding  electric motor is a crucial process that ensures the longevity and optimal performance of the motor. Hai Ha M&S is a well-known company in Vietnam that provides rewinding services for electric motors. In this article, we will discuss the importance of rewinding electric motors and how Hai Ha M&S can help you with their rewinding services.

What is rewinding an electric motor?

Rewinding an electric motor is the process of replacing the old, damaged, or worn-out coils of the motor’s stator or rotor with new ones. This process involves dismantling the motor, removing the old coils, and winding new coils onto the motor’s core. Once the new coils are in place, the motor is reassembled, and its performance is tested.

Why is rewinding an electric motor important?

Electric motors are critical components of many industrial and commercial applications. We power everything from large manufacturing equipment to household appliances. Over time, the coils inside the motor can become damaged, worn-out, or corroded, causing the motor to malfunction or fail altogether. Rewinding the motor can restore it to its optimal performance and extend its lifespan.

In addition to restoring a motor’s functionality, rewinding can also improve its efficiency. New coils have lower resistance than old coils, which reduces energy consumption and saves money on electricity bills. This is especially important for businesses that rely on electric motors to power their operations.

rewinding electric motor in viet nam

Why choose Hai Ha M&S for electric motor rewinding?

Hai Ha M&S is a leading provider of electric motor rewinding services in Vietnam. We have years of experience in the industry and employ highly skilled technicians who use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to rewind electric motors. We also use high-quality materials to ensure that the new coils are durable and long-lasting.

Hai Ha M&S offers rewinding services for a wide range of electric motors, including AC motors, DC motors, and specialized motors. We can also customize their services to meet the specific needs of their clients, whether it’s rewinding a motor for a specific application or using a particular type of coil.

rewinding motor in viet nam
Hai Ha M&S is a leading provider of electric motor rewinding services in Vietnam


Rewinding an electric motor is a critical process that can restore a motor’s functionality, improve its efficiency, and extend its lifespan. Hai Ha M&S is a trusted provider of rewinding services in Vietnam, offering high-quality services and materials, skilled technicians, and customized solutions. If you need electric motor rewinding services in Vietnam, consider choosing Hai Ha M&S for your needs.

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